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We're on a mission to help parents in Ireland prepare for pregnancy and teach their children to swim

Natural Born Swimmers is Inspired by family

My beloved children Joshua and Natalie were my Inspiration to open baby swimming lessons.  I wanted to be able to pass my own experience to love water and enjoy the freedom of movement in the water kingdom. Chiefly to make sure that they are safe close to the water environment .

Childbirth education from the comfort of your home

Through the Games and cheerful experience of teaching my own children to swim from an early age. I would like to share my extraordinary experience onto the other parents and children.

Natural Born Swimmers Founder Kate is a real life mermaid

Kate is a real mermaid in my eyes the water is her second home. She has been doing freediving for last 10 years all around the world but mainly in Ireland where she swims with her best friend wild dolphin Dusty. Her passion and love while moving freely in the water and playing with the dolphin will make you think that she is really part of the underwater kingdom.

The joy of having a baby in Ireland

Trusted by mothers like you

This course is about teaching mothers to believe in their selves that you are the one who has the power to manage pregnancy, labour, and your future. We women are a natural miracle, we are gifted to have this opportunity.

Positive birthing experiences with Natural Born Swimmers

The Heartfelt childbirth program really helped me prepare and had a holistic approach that covered in balance all the right aspects which gave me learning and confidence to look forward to my baby's Birthday and be excited about it.
Beautiful picture of mother with her new born child.
Beautiful picture of mother with her new born child.

Positive birthing experiences with Natural Born Swimmers

Kate is such a beautiful, inspirational person with a wonderful insight into pregnancy and is bursting with positivity and enthusiasm.