Preparing for childbirth through natural swimming and breathing techniques

We're on a mission to help mothers in Ireland prepare for pregnancy and childbirth


Mother of 2

The Book Heartfelt childbirth was really informative and reading the birth stories really helped me get over my fears and know that I could go into my second child's birth without fear and genuinely be excited about it. I personally had quite a turbulent birth experience the first time around and looking back I feel that this could have been a different experience had I had the tools and knowledge that I learned through the Heartfelt childbirth book & program. To read the stories of women who had similar experiences and gone on to have a very positive and different the second experience gave me confidence that I could definitely do the same too!

The second time around I felt in control and calm compared to the first time where I was scared and panicky. I had had an emergency section the first time around and this time I was confident in my decision to aim for a vaginal birth. I trusted my body and enjoyed the journey to the hospital, knowing that every surge was bringing me closer to meeting my next child. Using Kate's breathing exercises really was key in helping me maintain this calm and controlled state. With the second birth I ended up having to go for an emergency section, but this time around I never felt scared or out of control and felt safe knowing that whatever direction the birth took I could maintain this state of calm and control through the Heartfelt childbirth program techniques and preparation.

I would highly recommend this book and program to assist with the birth that is unique to you and your baby!

I would highly recommend the Heartfelt childbirth program. The exercises from the programme enabled me to move with confidence and felt great to be active. Being in the water felt just amazing as it took any pressure off my joints giving me weightless freedom of movement. It especially took the pressure off my back and exercising in the water was so enjoyable, especially in the later months of pregnancy! As with any exercise you feel great afterward so being able to keep up exercising and suitably for pregnancy was really brilliant.

The breathing exercises also I highly recommend. I used them every day throughout pregnancy, they were key during the birth and I will continue to use them afterward. Practicing these breathing techniques and using them daily has been a huge support for me and they were just amazing during the birth to help me remain relaxed and focused.

I loved learning lifesaving skills as they are a huge asset to have. They are so important and it's great that it is part of this course. I would actually love to continue to skill up in this area after learning these skills.

The Heartfelt childbirth program really helped me prepare and had a holistic approach that covered in balance all the right aspects which gave me learning and confidence to look forward to my baby's Birthday and be excited about it.

Feeling physically and metally confident was so important and using breathing techniques really I cannot recommend Kate's Heartfelt childbirth program enough!

Thanks, Kate for your support, I loved the whole course, it made a huge difference for me!


Mother to Hazel

I can testify, having given birth just over a week ago, that the Heartfelt Childbirth Programme was a vital part of my preparation for bringing a gorgeous little person into this world! I cannot recommend it highly enough and absolutely loved every moment of it.

Kate is such a beautiful, inspirational person with a wonderful insight into pregnancy and is bursting with positivity and enthusiasm.

I loved the water based exercise programme, especially in the 3rd trimester. My body felt like it could move normally in the pool and it enabled me to continue aerobic, strengthening and mobility exercises in a safe way. The relaxation at the end was an added bonus!

The breathing exercises were calming for body and mind but also critical in preparation for labour. Those slow exhalations got me through some challenging moments!

I had never previously considered basic lifesaving skills for pregnancy so that element of the programme was completely new to me. Hopefully I’ll never need these new skills but I felt competent after Kate’s clear and concise training.  

Overall, the programme was a lovely mixture of being physically challenging, informative and relaxing with a good bit of craic thrown in for good measure! So grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in a great course.

This course is a great investment for any parent. I love this natural approach to teach swimming. This course is led in such natural way, that kids instantly fall in love with water, instead of being afraid of it. Definitely recommend to anyone.

Magdalena Danko

NEWBORN BABY LOVE - Great course for both parents, especially when having their first child . This course helps to gain confidence when handling the fragile baby, when lifting, changing nappies, first bathing,etc. The author didn't forget about us, Mums. Excellent exercises for strengthening and relaxing our tired bodies. I strongly recommend especially to people who love water and wish to introduce their newborn babies to it.

SURVIVAL SWIM WITH SMILE - This course is a great investment for any parent. I love this natural approach to teach swimming. I remember, when I was a kid, the conventional way of teaching to swimm. I was fighting for life in the pool. This course is led in such natural way, that kids instantly fall in love with water, instead of beeing afraid of it. Definitely recommend to anyone

And I want to thank you very much for your work.

Martina Gerzova

Hello, it may be silly to respond after such a time, but it will be half a year since the birth of our baby girl.

And I want to thank you very much for your work. Now, after my own experience, I can evaluate that your book was my closest mentor, in many moments I perceived childbirth very much as you described and I have an extremely beautiful experience from it.


Such texts should be read by all women.

Jana Hirtz

Dear Kate,

I read your book just a while ago. J I needed time and the right mood to enjoy it as best I could with it, and I must say that it immediately engulfed me and read it with one breath. In your story with the birth of your daughter Natalie, a tear even flowed down my face. You are right that such texts should be read by all women, not only those already pregnant but also those who are not pregnant, to realize their power and role on this planet, and that is to bring children into the world in love and with love in their hearts and devotion to the whole. process natural free flow. And not to be afraid of giving birth or having children.

Children are a joy and a real blessing.